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The "Waze" of Mental Health

A personalized map to help you overcome roadblocks on your way to personal growth and development

the first to replicate the depth of traditional therapy in an accessible, self-guided model


Action-Oriented Insights digitally unlock the deeper conversations typical in traditional therapy

Much of the work done with a therapist can be self-guided if you have the right roadmap


Route's fully digital solution spotlights the user by teaching how to become your own therapist


conversational model around familiar topics, thoughts, and life challenges to help
you navigate the therapeutic process independently

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Clarifies internal struggles with simple questions

Reflects on the situation by summarizing thoughts 

Guides to specific, safe, reasonable action steps

Checks in to discuss underlying fears 
Applicable to many settings: with & without a therapist, stress, addiction, IP, OP, adolescence

100,000+ users of predecessor programs


~90% satisfaction from users & clinicians


Decades of clinical expertise

route is building the Waze of mental health

route is a digital navigator for mental health, much like a Waze guiding individuals to find their most efficient “route” to emotional wellness. route is designed to provide authentic, empathetic, and personalized support to users  as they navigate their emotions and mental health challenges.  Leveraging technology as a tool for empowerment, Route helps individuals build resilience and find emotional balance as they progress on their mental health journey.

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